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Saint Louis Strings is dedicated to producing and distributing the best sounding instruments in any price range. It is our goal to provide schools with the highest quality instruments available while staying within the confines of their budget. We offer a large discount off of our retail prices for school instrument bids. We can customize instrument outfits to the individual needs of teachers and schools. Our flexible policy has allowed us to outfit dozens of school districts across the nation.

Some of the School Districts that we have had the pleasure of serving:
Lee's Summit, MO Colorado Springs, CO
Loyola University, LA Tempe Union, AZ
Shawnee Mission, KS Eckstein, WA
Parkway School District Kirkwood School District
Webster Groves School District Ferg-Flor School District
Jefferson City School District Pattonville School District
St. Louis City Schools City Academy
Ladue School District St. Margaret of Scotland
Ritenour School District Hazelwood School District
Normandy School District Alton School District
University City School District Belleville School District
Clayton School District Melville-Oakville School District
Rockwood School District Francis Howell School District
Ft. Zumwalt School District St. Charles School District
Webster University SIU at Edwardsville
University of Illinois - Champaign Washington University Fontbonne University

Saint Louis Strings excels in customer satisfaction, and is willing to hand deliver your school order as well as service the instruments. We would love to become a vendor or an approved equal for bids in your school district. Please feel free to e-mail your school bid application to Michael Kocher at Saint Louis Strings at steve@stlstrings.com or fax it to (314) 664-6978. All of our instruments come with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor due to any defects in craftsmanship. 

Prices in US Dollars St. Louis Strings Violin Shop Retail Price List 2008
Model Violin Viola Cello Double Bass
Carved       Hybrid       Plywood
KC Series $600

(11-14 in)
(15-17 in)

$2,000 $5,000 $3,500 $2,500
Heartland $1,700 $1,900 (15-17 in) $3,800 $7,800 - -
Richard Williams $2,800 $3,200 $7,000 $9,400 - -
Williams & Krutz $5,800 $5,900 $12,800 $14,800 - -
Anton Krutz $10,400 $10,500 $18,800 $18,800 - -
General Info
  • The prices above are for complete outfits. (instrument, bow and case.)
  • Wood or graphite composite bow is standard.
  • Upgrade to carbon fiber bow is $150.00.
  • Violin, viola and cello cases are hard shell.
  • Bass bags are padded.
C Extension


  • Base price: $450.00
  • Installed: $1,300.00


  • Base price: $475.00
  • Installed: $1,325.00

Prices quoted above are our retail shop prices. 


FOB Shipping
St. Louis Strings will implement a sliding scale program on shipping  costs based on quantity of instruments purchased.

The KC Series line of instruments is crafted to our standards at our affiliated shop. They are then inspected, worked on and given a student set-up by the craftsman in our K.C. Strings shop. They are comparable to the top line of any manufactured school instruments for sound and craftsmanship and have a wonderful sound and look for the price.

R.C. Williams line of instruments is also crafted to our standards at our affiliated shop. Then, more than 50% of their construction and detail is completed in our shop. K.C. Strings performs the graduation, the bassbar installation, the varnish and other making aspects. These instruments are used by intermediate to advanced students and have an advanced set-up.

The Richard Williams Sr. line of instruments is similar to our RC Williams line. But these instruments contain a higher grade of wood, workmanship and varnish, resulting in a more professional look and sound.

Williams & Krutz instruments are crafted solely in our workshop and advanced students use them. All aspects of the crafting process from wood selection to completion are controlled by K.C. Strings.

Anton Krutz instruments are the top line of instruments crafted at K.C. Strings. They are played by advanced students and professionals throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Our plywood basses are the highest quality available. These basses are made with superior workmanship and materials. They will not develop any problems. These basses look and sound like good carved basses.

St. Louis Strings Customer Service and Support: Warranty Information
St. Louis Strings will repair or replace any product we have sold, free of charge, in the event of a defect in materials or craftsmanship. St. Louis Strings will provide a one (1) year warranty including parts/labor from the date of original purchase . If the instrument has been shipped into St. Louis Strings, St. Louis Strings will pay for return shipping charges after the instrument has been repaired or replaced with an equivalent instrument. This warranty covers any failure due to defects in craftsmanship which occur during normal consumer use.
St. Louis Strings School Trade in Policy

We will offer 10% credit in trade for each instrument that is suitable for parts. (An instrument that is in more than one piece)

We will offer 25% credit in trade for each instrument that can be repaired. (Broken, but in one piece)

The values of each instrument needs to be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

St. Louis Strings reserves the right to determine on an individual base, which instrument is suitable for each percentage of value.

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