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St. Louis Strings stocks a wide selection of student to professional bows and instruments in all price ranges, makes, models, and sizes. But in the following pages we are featuring pictures only of our exclusive shop-crafted instruments because we feel their unique beauty and sound are far superior to other instruments in that price range.

St. Louis Strings has one of the largest selection of string instruments in the Midwest. We are pleased to feature the KRUTZ line of instruments. They are the only American maker of professional level violins, viola, cellos and basses. They have developed four lines of instruments with each group building upon the features of the group before it.

These instruments' superior value meets the needs of students, amateur players and professionals. We feel that these instruments offer the best performance for the cost at every price level. You can find more information on KRUTZ instruments at KrutzStrings.com.

St. Louis Strings would love to help you personally choose the instrument you want. Please call or email us so that we can guide you in the process of finding an instrument with the appearance and tonal character that you are looking for. And remember, we take trade-ins!

We can help you get more out of your instrument so you can
express more of yourself.

Full size instruments purchased at St. Louis Strings come with a 100% trade-in toward future instrument upgrades. We have one of the largest selections of instruments in the Midwest. So select the instrument in your price range and easily upgrade anytime.

We want you to know that we don't just sell instruments.  We start relationships.

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KRUTZ Instruments

Master luthier Anton Krutz working
on a double bass.

KRUTZ Series instruments raise the bar for student level instruments. They are carefully constructed to our specifications in our affiliated shop in Beijing. KRUTZ craftsmen travel there regularly to control quality. This ensures a fine appearance, warm sound and easy playability, even in fractional sizes. Upon arrival at our Kansas City workshop, they are given a professional set-up by our craftsmen. KRUTZ Series instruments produce a higher tonal quality at a more competitive price.

KRUTZ Artisan are the next step up from the KRUTZ series. The Artisan 700 instruments are partially crafted at our affiliated private shop in Beijing. The Artisan 750 instruments are partially crafted at our affiliated private shop in Romania from European wood. These instruments are shipped to our Kansas City workshop rough and unfinished, where professional craftsmen do extensive finish work on them. The instruments are graduated, fitted with an advanced bassbar and varnished. KRUTZ Artisan have greater projection and tonal resonance, suitable for advancing students and amateur adult players.

KRUTZ Avant instruments are crafted entirely in our Kansas City workshop by senior luthiers, many of whom learned the art of string instrument construction in Europe. All aspects of the making process are overseen by Anton Krutz. We hand select every single piece of European and American maple and spruce used to make these instruments. The wood is then aged for five to ten years before the instrument crafting begins. Anton's own proprietary sealer and varnish are used. These instruments are then given a professional set-up by the craftsmen in our shop. KRUTZ Avant instruments utilize fully professional materials and precise specifications, which give them the strong sound and tonal flexibility desired by advanced students and rising professionals.

Anton Krutz signature instruments are crafted by Master Luthier Anton Krutz, bringing together the best in materials, design and construction. Beginning with his selection of acoustically vibrant curly maple and spruce from carefully aged stock, his craftsmanship includes precise arching and graduations, and a unique mineral ground and varnish treatment that gives each instrument its timbre and Bel Canto voice, similar to that of the fine Italian masters. Anton Krutz signature instruments are meticulously crafted to create the powerful, expressive sound sought by soloists and professional ensemble players throughout the U.S. and Europe.

St. Louis Strings take seriously a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable staff strives to educate clients about all aspects of instrument construction, selection and care. We hope to be of service to you.

Please inquire if you have something already in mind.

Why a student instrument from St. Louis Strings is a better value

"The most important aspect to buying a student instrument is where you are buying it." You have to get instruments from a "Violin shop" that has a many years longstanding reputation, references and trade-in policy. St. Louis Strings has all three.

  • Our shop has been featured in every major St. Louis newspaper.
  • Our many years in business lets you know the instruments we sell are high quality at good prices because professional musicians and their students are our clientele.
  • Our selection of upper level instruments and the ability to trade-up to them is an even more important consideration than the initial student instrument purchase.

Many music stores (that sell kazoos to drums) and dubious internet sites that sell string instruments are risky. We've seen many people waste their money on these outlets. Because there are dozens of factories throughout the world, each produces different grades of instrument according to their own individual standards.

Therefore there is no way to do comparison shopping because the instrument's quality cannot be determined by looking at its description and pictures. Also, unlike brass or woodwinds, string instruments are not set up and ready to play at the factory. Unprofessional set up at the store they were first shipped to can make an instrument practically unplayable and can cost hundreds of dollars to be redone.

The knowledgeable experts at St. Louis Strings make sure there are high standards of quality for all our instruments. Top all that with the realization that you may be stuck with your instrument purchased somewhere else when it comes time to upgrade and it becomes clear why "The most important aspect to buying a student instrument is where you are buying it."

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