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Cello Endpin $ 90
Bass Endpin $ 120
Installation Charge $ 30

Endpin Assembly $ 70
Endpin Stopper $ 24
Endpin Pin $ 58
  • Both endpins come with carbide tips that will never need sharpening.
  • Different shaft diameters available to accommodate most existing instrument endpin holes.
  • Endpins are made with a special fastener that securely and firmly grip the pin.
  • The bass endpin comes with a uniquely designed metal lined rubber stopper that screws on and self-locks.
K.C. Strings Bass Rubber Stopper
K.C. Strings Bass Bridge Adjusters
$ 22   a set
$ 70   adjusters with installation
  • Designed with comfortable 35mm diameter thumb wheels.
  • Adjusters come in Composite or Brass.
  • The Composite adjusters have the same visual and acoustic characteristics as wood but are more durable.
K.C. Strings Bass Bridge Adjusters
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