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$360.00 per set (4) machines
$750.00 + machines w/installation and bushings

Bass Machines
  • Comfortable gear ratio of 1:36.
  • Unlike most traditional bass machines, these require no disassembly to install.
  • Unique washers secure precision of gears, provide smooth operation, and eliminate vibrations.
  • Special drill bits are available to simplify installation.
  • All brass construction with excellent weight to strength ratio design.
  • Available in smooth head design also.
Two bass machines
Machine Design
Machine Design
Instructions for Bass Machine Installation
Read through all instructions before beginning work.
1 a) Make templates out of plastic or cardboard of the outline of the machines.
  b) Lay out templates on the scroll cheeks and mark center holes (two on each side).
  c) Drill marked holes with a 5-7mm bit.
Install Instructions
2 a) Make a wood Center Punch by taking a 90mm long dowel and shaving one end to a point.
  b) Make a Drill Guide. (This is made out of two pieces of wood glued together.)
NOTE Both the Center Punch and Drill Guide have different diameters depending if standard drill bits or K.C. Strings Special Bit is used.
  c) Diameter of the Center Punch or Drill Guide for use with standard bits is 11mm. The diameter for the K.C. Strings Special Bit is 15.2mm.
Install Instructions
3 a) Place Drill Guide on top of the scroll cheek with the Center Punch in it to center the Guide on to the already-drilled hole.
  b) Clamp the (now centered) Drill Guide on to the scroll cheek.
  c) If using the K.C. Strings Special Bit, then drill through the first cheek and keep drilling 5-6mm into the side of the second cheek. The holes are now complete.
  d) If using standard drill bits, drill through the first cheek with an 11mm diameter bit, and keep drilling 5-6 mm into the side of the second cheek. Then take a 15.2mm bit and drill the outside hole bigger. The holes are now complete.
Install Instructions
4 a) Bevel the outside of the 15.2mm diameter hole.
5   Repeat this operation for all four holes.
6   Cut the length of the brass machine shank just a little shorter than the depth of the small hole. (So that the end of the shank is not rubbing against the pegbox hole.)
7 a) Install machine shank into the hole with machine faceplate resting on the scroll cheek.
  b) Align hole in gear with the smaller hole in the machine plate.
  c) Drill 2mm diameter hole 11mm deep (through the holes in gear and plate) into scroll cheek.
Install Instructions
  d) Repeat steps b and c for all other machine holes.
  e) Screw in all screws to attach plates.
8   Spray machines with a little WD-40 and turn handle until machines work smoothly.
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