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St. Louis Strings Bass Stand - $150.00 each
  • K. C. Strings Bass Stand/Stool.
  • Complete with gig bag and padded seat.
  • When the Bass rests securely upright on our stand (versus being underfoot on the floor) it greatly reduces the risk of damage, especially on a dark stage or in pit orchestra.
  • It is made from a strong exterior grade, formaldehyde free, medium density fiberboard. 
  • It has an interlocking design for maximum rigidity and strength. 
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • It can be placed in our gig bag for easy transporting along with any music and accessories.
  • The 1" thick foam seat is as comfortable to sit on as most other Bass stools.
  • Our unique design allows the left leg to rest on the stool (see top right picture) resulting in a more natural and comfortable Bass playing position than with any other Bass stool. 
  • Shorter kids can play the Bass with more ease sitting on our stool rather than standing.
  • The cost of 4 K.C. Strings Bass stands is less than most four-up Bass racks.
  • For schools, these stand/stools can be purchased through the general school furniture budget rather than through your orchestra budget
  • Read the couple, easy assembly instructions here.
St. Louis Strings Cello Stool - $150.00
St. Louis Strings Bass & Cello Stand/Stool Assembly
To assemble the K.C. Strings bass stand/stool, insert the end of the front brace into the hole at the front of the stand side and rotate the side slightly past perpendicular.

Repeat the process with the opposite side of the bass stand.
Align the cross brace/ seat assembly with the slots in the rear part of the frame as in the picture above left. Press firmly until the until the parts are fully seated, (above right). The first assembly may be rather stiff.

To disassemble, firmly grasp the front and back edges of the seat, pull up on the front, and press down on the rear, the lever action should allow the cross brace to be easily extracted from the slots.

The bass stand may be finished with stain, paint or left plain. However, if finished, it may be more difficult to assemble and knock down.
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