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About St. Louis Strings Instrument Rentals

We have instruments for beginning, intermediate and advanced students, fractional sizes and full size!

Stop by the shop so our staff can help you outfit your student.

Student Violin, Student Viola, Student Cello & Student Upright Bass (Double Bass)

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About K.C. Strings Instrument Rentals


St. Louis Strings Rental Agreement

Click for St. Louis Strings Rental Purchase Agreement. If you are coming to St. Louis Strings to pick up your rental instrument, save time by filling the Rental Purchase Agreement at home. Bring in the filled out Rental Purchase Agreement for faster service. If you are outside the Metro St. Louis area you can order on-line.


The most important instrument in a student's musical development is the first one.

Chances are, you've done some homework and you've noticed that there are lots of bargain string instruments online for purchase.


You may ask yourself, "What's the harm in getting one of these bargain instruments until my child has figured out whether they want to continue playing?"


Bargain string instruments
almost never meet the required school specifications
and frequently need repair right out of the box.


They often have unfitted bridges, substandard strings, pegs that won't turn smoothly, warped fingerboards and other problems that must be fixed before the instrument is playable.


Many repair shops refuse to guarantee work on these instruments, because they frequently don't sound any better once the repairs are completed. So you are stuck with an unplayable instrument that has cost hundreds of dollars more than you expected it to. A poorly made instrument will actually make learning to play a frustrating experience for your student and will make it far less likely that they will continue playing.


A well made instrument has a good tone and easy mechanics that support player development, encouraging students to practice and unlocking their musical potential. The more rewarding the initial experience, the more likely it is that your child will continue to play.


At K.C. Strings, our beginner instruments are set up to ensure that your student has the best possible chance for success right from the start.


Why Your Child Needs Private Lessons.

Private Lessons - Many parents wonder if private lessons are truly necessary if their child already participates in orchestra at school. But the unfortunate reality is that it is simply not possible for a school orchestra teacher to devote focused attention to each student. This is the role of a separate private lessons instructor, who is able to work with a student on his or her specific needs, week after week. A private lessons instructor focuses on technical and expressive deficiencies, striving to correct any posture problems or bad playing habits, and carefully monitors his or her student’s weekly progress. 


It is not an overstatement to say that a student taking private lessons improves more in one month than he or she would over the course of an entire year without them. Furthermore, lessons improve the likelihood that a child will enjoy playing, devote more time to practice, and rise through the ranks of his or her school ensembles. Unlike many extracurricular activities, including sports, playing music is a gift that can be enjoyed forever — so entrust your budding musician to a private teacher who will foster his or her talents and instill a lifelong love of music!


And lest we forget: one is never too old begin lessons! Adults of all ages and skill levels benefit from individual study. It’s a terrific outlet for self-expression, to ease the stresses of daily life, and to entertain oneself, family, and friends. Find a teacher whom you’re comfortable with and who can make lessons fun!

  • Bass Outfit Rental (Yearly)

    Bass Outfit Rental (Yearly)

    Welcome to St. Louis Strings Rentals. Rentals through this on-line shopping cart are yearly only. Month-to-month rentals are available in person at the St. Louis store. Instrument outfits include bow case and rosin...


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