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Cello Rosin

  • Entry Level Cello Rosin

    Entry Level Cello Rosin

    All purpose rosin.

  • Hidersine Light Rosin - Cello

    Hidersine Light Rosin - Cello

    Developed in 1877 by a Swiss scientist and fine violinist, Hidersine rosins are known for exceptional grip and tone. This rosin is mounted on a cloth wrap and packaged in a tin. Made in England.

  • Jade Rosin - Violin, Viola, Cello

    Jade Rosin - Violin, Viola, Cello

    Made in France, Jade Rosin is a newly refined with remarkable qualities of dust-free adhesion. This rosin avoids metallic residues, which do not contribute to adhesion and may indeed scratch fine varnishes. The result is a...

  • Pirastro Cello Rosin

    Pirastro Cello Rosin

    Pirastro rosin is being developed and produced in Germany with over 200 years experience. Pirastro cello rosin is specially formulated for use with cellos.

  • Andrea Solo Rosin - Cello

    Andrea Solo Rosin - Cello

    This unique formula Solo rosin provides powerful sound projection, yet does not compromise on sensitivity for the soloist. It is also very forgiving without sound cracks on the strings under a high bow pressure. Power when...


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