St. Louis Strings Rental Terms & Conditions

I, the lessee, agree to:

  1. Notify St. Louis Strings of any change to the address, telephone number, email, credit card or bank account written on this agreement
  2. Bring the instrument, case, or bow to St. Louis Strings in the event a repair is needed
  3. Notify St. Louis Strings and file a police report in case of theft or loss

If rental payments are current and continuous, St. Louis Strings agrees to:

  1. Apply 100% of the pretax rental fees to the purchase of the instrument outfit currently rented, OR credit 50% of the pretax rental fees to the purchase of another instrument
  2. Make all necessary repairs to instrument, case, or bow at no additional charge, EXCEPT for string replacement and bow hair replacement

Additional terms:

  1. Instrument outfit is rented for the chosen term and renews automatically unless the instrument is returned or paid in full
  2. Rental fees are not refundable if instrument outfit is returned before the next scheduled charge
  3. This rental contract is not to exceed 36 consecutive months
  4. The lessee has no right to sell, sublease, mortgage, pawn, pledge, encumber, or otherwise dispose of the instrument outfit
  5. Title to the instrument outfit does not pass to the lessee until the outfit price is paid in full
  6. Rental credit is forfeited if:
    1. Continuous rental payments are not maintained
    2. The instrument is returned without an upgrade to, or purchase of, another instrument, thus ending the contract
  7. If rental payments are not kept current, a balance is owed and/or the lessee fails to return the instrument, St. Louis Strings or its representatives may, at its discretion:
    1. Contact the client by telephone, email or U.S. Mail in an effort to collect the debt and/or St. Louis Strings' property
    2. Charge the lessee's "Payment Options" for rent overdue, not exceeding the outfit's dollar value stated on this contract
    3. Forward this account to a collection agency and/or credit bureaus
    4. Pick up the instrument from school, home or elsewhere, with or without prior notice to the lessee
    5. Pursue civil and criminal action to collect payment and/or St. Louis Strings property
    6. Cancel the rental contract.

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