The Benefits of Learning Violin as an Adult.

Learning the violin as an adultLearning the violin as an adult!

Knowing how to play a musical instrument is an exciting prospect for most people, and many people dream of being musically inclined. However, many people also believe that learning an instrument is too hard for an adult, for numerous reasons. They may say that they don't have the time, focus, or talent to get it done and that learning an instrument such as the violin is much better suited for small children. However, you may be surprised to learn that in reality, there are many benefits of learning to play an instrument, specifically the violin, as an adult, and it actually is not nearly as hard as you may think it is.

In most cases, adults have a deep desire to learn to play, but the only thing holding them back is their own excuses. Too often people make themselves believe that only children can learn to play because their brains can pick up skills and retain information faster. And too often adults tell themselves that they have more important things that they should focus on, like work and bills and family. And while those things are definitely important, they are only excuses standing in the way of an adult and their dreams. It is never too late to start learning an instrument, and there is actually a great deal of evidence to show that learning the violin as an adult can be extremely beneficial to a person. Here's how:

Let's start by considering some of the most common excuses used to hold people back from picking up the violin. Many people say that they don't have the time to learn the violin because they think that the instrument requires something like 5 hours of daily practice. However, in reality, the length of time you practice does NOT determine how much you learn. The determining factor is the quality of your practice. You will get so much more out of 30 minutes of effective and intentional practice than you ever would with 5 hours of noodling around. And studies actually show that the brain retains more information with short bursts of learning, rather than a 5-hour session of cramming your brain with info. So already the prospect of learning the violin looks a lot more achievable. You just need something like 30 minutes every day. More time would be better if it is effective practice, but it is not necessary on a daily basis.

Another excuse commonly made by adults who want to play is that learning the violin is only for small children who have brains that retain information faster and who can be stimulated by the activity. Although it may be true that children have more neuro-elasticity, meaning that they can learn faster and retain more information, it is also true that as adults grow older, their minds can quickly deteriorate if they aren't stimulated by something that challenges them. Violin is the perfect solution to this problem. It will help your hand-eye coordination, it will improve mental cognitive functions, and even help improve your memory.

There are a number of other benefits you may not have even thought of. For example, it has been a long proven fact that music can greatly reduce stress levels, and we all know that adults need stress reduction a lot more than children! Another natural side effect of learning the violin is that it can really improve your posture. Since playing violin calls for excellent posture, learning to play with correct posture will inevitably bleed into your everyday posture. With everyone these days spending so much time sitting down in front of every type of screen you can imagine, many people can be left with bad spines and terrible pains as a result of their posture. Learning to play can help you with that.

In addition, playing music can be an endless sea of chasing and achieving new goals. Yes, of course, learning to play the violin, like any instrument can come with frustrations. It isn't always easy. However, where a child may give in to these frustrations and want to quit, adults have the ability to take this frustration and turn it into motivation to achieve a goal or overcome a weakness. This type of work and reward system is good for our minds and can keep us from a life of complacency. There is always something new to achieve or discover when playing music, which is one of the many attributes that make music such a wonderful form of art to indulge in.

So if you are wanting to get started with the violin, but don't know exactly how to do it, you can get started by finding a good quality instrument. K.C. Strings has a wide range of violins that you can get started with right away. We have a rental program and a number of different types of applicable discounts relating to purchasing instruments. All of this information can be found on our website, or you can visit our shop or call one of our representatives. After you have a quality instrument in your possession, you should consider getting a private instructor. A private instructor will be the best, fastest, and most efficient way of getting you started with the violin, because one-on-one instruction will ensure that your particular issues and setbacks will be overcome, and having a personal instructor will keep you accountable for your practice and progress.

Learning violin can be an incredibly beneficial activity for an adult to explore, for mental as well as physical reasons, and it is not difficult to get started. If you are interested, we encourage you to get an instrument, get an instructor, and start playing! It will take you on a journey that can last the rest of your life!