What Brand of Violin Strings Should I Purchase?

In all cases where students are taking private lessons, do not purchase a new set of strings without consulting your teacher. In many cases, your private teacher will have specific preferences. Here is a sample of four of the many brands that we sell at KC Strings. If you have questions about any other brands of string, please call us or talk to your instructor.

Helicore (Made by D'Addario):

Helicore Photo

Type: Metal Core. The core of the strings is steel. Layers of other metals are then added.

Price: Around $40 for a full set.

Longevity: 6 Months-2 Years, depending on frequency of use and care of strings.

Sound: Because it is made of steel, it is overly resonant and bright for those who want a more "authentic" classical sound. However, they have a good sound and are especially sought out by folk and jazz violinists. Many Orchestra students use them in our area.


Zyex (Made by D'Addario):

Zyex Photo

Type: Synthetic. The core of the strings is a material called Zyex (used to make tennis racquet strings). It is wrapped in aluminum.

Price: Around $45 for an entire set.

Longevity: Around 6-9 months, depending on use, care, and personal choice.

Sound: Although these are not as high end as Dominants or Evah Pirazzi, they still have a warmth that steel core strings don't have. Some players and teachers don't like the sound in the higher range. However, most of our orchestra students use these or dominants.


Dominant (Made by Thomastik):

Dominant Photo

Type: Synthetic. The core of the string is a material called Perlon and it is wrapped in various kinds of metals.

Price: Around $65 for an entire set.

Longevity: 12-18 Months, depending on use and how well the strings are taken care of.

Sound: Considered the "Reference Standard" when it comes to the Violin. It is extremely rare to hear any complaints about this string, if they exist at all. They have a warm and balanced sound.


Evah Pirazzi (Made by Pirastro):

Evah Pirazzi Photo

Type: Synthetic Core.

Price: Typically $86 for a full set.

Longevity: 2-3 Months, depending on frequency of use and how well the strings are cared for.

Sound: Some professionals and private teachers are particularly taken with these strings. They do sound closer to traditional "gut" strings than most other synthetic core strings. As one of our owners likes to say about most of these subjects, "It's like flavors of ice cream. Some like one and some like others." If you like the sound, then this is an incredible string for you!

Other strings include Corelli Crystal, Thomastik Dominant, Thomastik Infeld, Jargar, Kaplan, Larsen, Obligato, Peter Infeld, Vision, and more.